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Linear Growth Consulting has provided companies with simplistic solutions that bring linear growth and high-value investment returns for over 20 years!

The Company

Whether it’s a struggling startup, a turnaround situation, or established companies, the management team needs to be accountable for solid execution and results of the company’s performance. All owners of the company are owed this; investors, equity partners, shareholders, and employees. Anyone who claims growth should happen automatically for the right product in the right market would be wrong and does not know how the market works. The market is extremely difficult to break into, whether existing or create new, but it’s even tougher to then maintain that market share and revenue growth. It’s not just the product that does this; it’s the entire set of issues of every organization that needs very strategic steps, creatively planned and tightly managed in order to execute on all cylinders.

At Linear Growth Consulting, LLC (LGC), we break down these issues in three industry-proven, basic steps with the outcome leading to quarterly, linear revenue growth that is in-line with the respective market economic growth (~7-15%) with the necessary, additional increases in gross margins (~1-3%).

Our services aid in establishing the 3 key areas:

  1. Building the Foundation – Company Infrastructure

  2. Establish Credibility – Market Acceptance

  3. Grow the Business – Ramp and Maintain Revenue Growth

To maintain a high caliber of consulting services, LGC continually researches, studies, and analyzes all current and future hot-trending markets, technologies (i.e., storage, cloud, wireless, etc.), and customers on a regular basis. In high-tech, it's critical that technology know-how is fully understood at the executive level in all areas to build a solid, financially strong company. LGC takes its proven 'hands-on' experience with the latest detailed research information to improve every aspect of the company that will bring solid financial and investment returns.

What We Do

LGC creates impactful value for startups and turnarounds, as well as for established companies, mainly by shaping their corporate vision, strategic direction, engineering execution, operational/business/GTM, sales models or other, key areas that may need addressing, with innovated and proven solutions. We work with Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) firms and key stakeholders with established companies that are either new, stagnated, or 'needing changes' to course-correct them with past-proven, and creative entrepreneurial methods. We implement an entrepreneurial, 3-phase approach that provides all the necessary services that may be required as a complete package to benefit startups, new business units, struggling businesses or turnaround situations, and even companies that are performing well, but could use some additional help to improve even further.

Our areas of expertise are rich and deep:

  • Corporate Strategic Vision & Business Plan
  • Initial Financial Planning & Modeling (thorough business plan, typically 2-3 years out)
  • Go-to-Marketing (GTM) Planning & Modeling
  • Sales Model, Tools & Efficiencies (tied to GTM Infrastructure)
  • P&L Modeling (built from business plan)
  • Product Architecture & Development
  • R&D Execution & Efficiency
  • Program & Release Management
  • Team Building & Management
  • Communications & Culture
  • Entrepreneurship, Startups, and M&A’s
  • Fundraising, Raising Capital

We’ll break down and solve each area of need with proven approaches that will ensure that the company infrastructure, credibility, and revenue expectations meet the goals of the investors and all stakeholders. LGC founder, Steve Dalton’s career has allowed him to see every aspect of the good, the bad, and the ugly in high-tech companies. But his simple approach has been the same since college, where he was engineering, educated with ‘learn-by-doing’ methods at solving problems at Cal Poly. Through the years, Steve has been taking this more entrepreneurial, fast and nimble approach and applied it to every functional area he has run. His methods will show that if companies are synced and operating well within each organization, the company will do well and be on a path to have the fastest path to linear, quarter-quarter, revenue growth.


LGC is composed of extremely high qualified, experienced, industry-proven, high-tech executives and personnel with hundreds of man-years of successful results with real-world understandings of how today’s companies need to be fast and nimble with premier execution models that encourages creative entrepreneurial management necessary to compete in today’s markets. To solve these very common executive management breakdowns, there is no better way to understand them than by dealing with them in real time. The partners and consultants at LGC are industry, hands-on executives with proven track records of driving and delivering disruptive solutions in Engineering, IT, Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Customer Service infrastructures. We all exhibit strong leadership, sustained innovation, focused execution, and a sound understanding of market requirements/shifts in defining technical strategy, building & releasing products ground up, and working with the field to drive major customer wins. LGC strives for strong communication skills to be adopted as this has shown to be one of the biggest reasons for a lack of management deficiencies. Moreover, building the revenue is one of the toughest aspects of successful companies, and LGC has all the experience, know-how, and methods to accomplish the toughest challenges that some companies may be facing in this area. Since his ‘learn-by-doing’ undergraduate education at Cal Poly, Steve Dalton has been taking this approach throughout his 30-plus years in the competitive, high-tech market of Silicon Valley. That is a skill within itself and can be done only by having ‘done it yourself.'

Steve Dalton
Founder, President & CEO

Steve has established a solid record of achievement within leadership positions in diverse capacities as SVP Engineering & Products, Violin Memory; GM Enterprise Flash Software, Intel; GM/SVP, Cloud Storage, FalconStor Software; GM/SVP Engineering & Products, Quantum; President & CEO, Eternal Systems; President & CEO, Gadzoox Networks; President & COO, FWB/Streamlogic Corp; Entrepreneur and Founder of Epeira (wireless storage area network), Director Storage, Silicon Graphics and International Business Development, Xidex. His diversified positions have allowed him to build the necessary expertise that is needed to consult as a senior executive-level growth strategist/technologist across multiple areas of disciplines such as architecture & design, product development, operations, marketing, sales, M&A’s, start-up’s, etc. Delivering solid results and working with great people lend Steve the abilities to successfully build and run companies, divisions, large organizations, managing and solving R&D/operational deficiencies as well as building solid marketing and sales teams within complex technology company infrastructures. Steve cares and strives for success by making every employee feel important. His passionate, dedicated work approach and know-how have led many people to success. His testimonials on Linkedin, speak for themselves on the results that Steve has brought to companies all around. Steve has a BSET from Cal Poly and did his MBA in Executive Management at St. Mary’s College.

Rochelle Marapao
Co-Founder, Managing Director

Rochelle has made a career of helping to build Silicon Valley start-up companies from the ground up. With two decades of experience as one of the most talented business operations managers in the industry, Rochelle proves to be an extremely valuable partner for LGC. She is one of the first points-of-contact for opportunities that come our way and helps to evaluate the needs of those who need our services. Rochelle establishes our timelines, contracts, NDAs, and customer commitments by providing direction through precise project management with a hands-on approach. With a solid background in marketing, PR, and management, Rochelle has played a crucial role in helping to publicize our firm and build our social media and web presence. Her deep understanding of operations, the sales cycle, customer management, channel marketing, and R&D infrastructures allows her to execute efficiently, reliably, and beyond our clients’ expectations every single time. Rochelle is also a professional freelance journalist who has been published in numerous publications globally for the last 20 years and has previously worked at Violin Memory, Virtual Instruments, iLoop Mobile, Intel, and SAP, and has a BS degree from San Francisco State University in Biology and Broadcast Communication Arts.

Harish Arora
Managing Partner

Harish Arora is an entrepreneur and a venture capital investor focused on Enterprise and Cloud Infrastructures with an emphasis on Storage, Cloud computing, Hybrid computing and BigData infrastructure technologies. Harish has executed over 10 investments and helped the portfolio companies in many ways. Harish has developed a good network within the VC and Corp Venture communities. Harish spent 15 years developing enterprise storage products in various large (EMC, NetApp) companies and two startups where he led the product engineering efforts. He is an advisor at two early stage storage startups. Harish’s business development achievements include the creation of SanDisk’s Zetascale joint solution with an ISV partner and defining the GTM strategy for a new memory technology. Harish holds an MS in Computer Science and an MBA from Cornell University.

Anup Pal
Managing Director

Anup has more than 28 years of experience in design and development of storage, networking and server systems in Silicon Valley. He has been a Technology Leader and has played multiple roles starting from individual contributor to Technical management to Executive Leadership. Anup has proven success in bringing products from concept to delivery with focus on execution and quality. He also has a solid track record in defining technology roadmap, development and QA processes, quality metrics and also proven expertise in building development organizations through talent selection, training and leadership.

Anup’s technical experience includes design and development of distributed fault tolerant computing systems on Unix based platforms both at Unisys/Convergent Technology and also at Stratus Computer Systems, development and performance optimization of high end server systems at Sun Micro Systems. Anup also played the role of Software Director managing all of Software Divisions of Industry’s early developer of NAS products at Auspex Systems from 1994 to 2000. He also played leadership roles in a number Silicon Valley Startups managing Software Divisions of location smart Internet Wireless Company @Road , managing software groups of a multi protocol SAN storage switching product at Maranti Network and leading design and development efforts of Pillar Data’s integrated NAS/Storage Solution where he was the Vice President of Software Engineering. Anup was also part of Management team at Quantum Corporation where he was Vice President of Disk based backup engineering Division responsible for delivery of enterprise and mid range products with state of the art data de-duplication technology. He also played an Executive Role in heading Business Unit of Enterprise Technology group focusing on Storage and Systems Products at Symphony Teleca (now part of Harman). Anup’s recent experience included his key role of Sr. Director, Engineering at Violin Memory where he managed and led OEM/ISV development teams, QA, Solution and Performance Engineering and Program Management of all Violin Flash Storage Products.

Anup has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India and a MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois.

Advisory Board

Dr. Donald (Don) Basile

Don is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with more than 20 years of executive experience in technology, healthcare, and telecommunications. Basile has driven innovation at leading public and private companies in areas including data networking, data storage, cable, telecommunications, computing, and semiconductors. Among his past accomplishments, Dr. Basile has been involved with the management, growth, and sale of companies valued at more than $2 billion, including Fusion IO and Violin Memory. He currently serves as an investor of several promising initiatives including a Stealth Mode Mobile Startup — a mobile API based cloud infrastructure company providing geo-location relevant content and capabilities as part of the “Lego” global Silicon Valley. In addition to his experience in technology-driven industries, Don Basile has penned several articles for The Next Web, a leading publication in global Internet and technology news.

John Mascarenas

John has 34+ years of experience in high-tech (IT, Biotech, Health). Currently an advisor/consultant at large, John provides Advisory Services for equity, business development, business strategy, M&A to both small (startups, incubators, accelerators) and big companies. John provides similar services to Toshiba's TAEC group in support of their strategic investment & acquisition efforts. Formerly w/SanDisk Ventures as Sr. Dir/Consultant to their investment team. Formerly 33+ yrs w/Intel & Intel Capital as Sr Investment Dir. Prior to Intel, he held senior level positions (individual and management) with CDC, Los Alamos Natl Labs & Digital Equipment Corp. John also serves on several Boards of startups and incubator groups and University entrepreneurial programs. Current focus includes Enterprise & Consumer (Compute Storage, Big Data Management, Mobile, Flash, Networking, Biotech, Cloud). Previously directed investments in mobile/wireless, display technologies, IoT, AI, MEMs, networks, semiconductors processors, infrastructure, digital imaging, embedded comms, software/hardware, medical & consumer devices & software. John was w/Intel Corp since 1980 & w/Intel Capital since 1998 where he directed $100M+ in private equity deals & M&A transactions totaling ~$1B+. Before Intel Capital, John held senior positions at Intel business units where roles included business alliance creation, sales, marketing, product service & engineering. He was involved in 3 new technology startup ventures for Intel (Cable, Security, Digital Imaging) and has started & sold two personal private companies. John holds industrial design patents in digital imaging.

Specialties: Deal sourcing, analysis/negotiation, alliances, venture, M&A, business dev, management, team and company building, sales, engineering. Domain expertise: semiconductors, wireless, IoT, AI, storage, comms, Enterprise, software & services, networking, biotech, mobile/wireless, infrastructure, Data Centers/Cloud/Services, health.

Eric Herzog

Strong technology marketing and sales executive with >30 years’ experience and exceptional track record marketing software and system solutions. Expertise in storage systems and software, cloud computing, converged infrastructure, and storage-defined storage spanning OEM, channel, and end user market segments. Consistently exceeds P&L targets, while delivering programs on time and on budget. Specialties: P&L Responsibility, Strategic Marketing and Business Planning, Product and Product Marketing Management, Business and Corporate Development, Product Launch, Venture Fundraising, Mergers and Acquisitions,
Corporate Branding and Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Channel Marketing, and Development.

Guy McIntyre

Guy McIntyre is a former professional football player with an illustrious career. He was a dominant offensive guard for the San Francisco 49ers where he won three Super Bowl championships in 1984, 1988, and 1989. He was also named to the Pro-Bowl in five consecutive seasons from 1989 to 1993 and was nominated for the prestigious NFL Hall of Fame. Guy played thirteen seasons in the NFL, ten with the 49ers, one for the Green Bay Packers, and finished his playing career with two for the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2007, Guy was recognized for his achievements as an outstanding offensive lineman for the University of Georgia and was inducted into the Thomas County Hall of Fame. At Georgia, he was a first team All-SEC offensive lineman and second team All-American in 1983. He played on Georgia’s 1980 national championship team along with three Bulldog SEC Championship teams from 1980 to 1982.

Following his professional football career, Guy took on a position as an offensive line coach in Germany for NFL Europe for several years before opening his own Bay Area company, McIntyre & Lee Window Décor. Guy is also the Director of Alumni Relationship with the San Francisco 49ers where his multi-faceted role includes community relations, marketing, and charity foundation events. He is currently a board member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Santa Clara, CA where his passion for mentoring and guiding today’s youth to follow their dreams has led him to become an in-demand motivational speaker. His interest in business and venture capitalism coupled with his success as a professional athlete make him a valuable addition to our Advisory Board.

By taking the entrepreneurial phased approach, LGC provides all the necessary services that may be required as a complete package that will benefit startups, new business units, business model changes, struggling businesses, turnarounds, or even companies that are performing well but could use some additional help to expand even further.

Our services aid in the following:

  • Building Foundation — Company Infrastructure
  • Establish Credibility — Market Acceptance
  • Grow Business — Ramp Revenue

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