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Every company is different, and one size does not fit all in Silicon Valley. Only if every organization (engineering, operations, marketing, sales, support, etc.) is clicking together to a direction that correlates with the product line (ie product or license) and target market (ie storage) will the necessary execution take place.

Whether it’s corporate vision and strategic direction, engineering execution, operational management (ie inventory controls, product costs, etc.), support and service, GTM infrastructure, sales model, etc.-- if one of these areas is broken, then the company will struggle despite having the best product in a growing market. Unfortunately, this is more common than not, and it will continually be an issue unless executive management executes on all fronts. Remember, it all starts at the top with solid leadership and industry and technology know-how.

Think of management as the pillars of the company that are holding up hundreds to thousands of employees. These pillars are the foundational strength of the people. Yet, how often have we heard that if one collapses then they’ll all collapse? That is the thinking of today, but the fact is, this not true. It should be when one collapses, the other pillars need to get stronger to pick up the pillars that are falling. Not following the statement, ‘I’ll play my part and you play your part’. If this were the case, you can see why this reasoning just continually hurts company after company.

  Great talk leads nowhere, great execution leads to linear growth  

LGC will strategically put in place one or all of the failing pillars and show how this will guarantee any company will thrive, providing they implement the pillars in the manner LGC has proven to be successful.

At LGC, we break down the issues in three basic steps with the outcome leading to Q-Q, linear growth of 7-15%:

• Build the Foundation

Good companies strive for excellence by building the best solid foundation within the company to start. Not one company can be successful if this fundamental approach has not been done correctly. Maybe there could have been a great bump, or a big announcement, or some great references, but not one can show longevity or linear growth. Once this foundation is in place, they can establish market credibility.

• Establish Credibility

Market competition is actually good, as it states that there is a good, total available market (TAM). However, new companies, or even established companies who take their foot off the gas pedal, will struggle if they can’t establish credible market traction, keep that traction, and remain at linear growth because the competition is out-executing them.

• Grow the Business

Growing a business, whether you’re starting a company, trying to turn around an existing company or maintaining linear growth within an established company is hard. However, if the company’s foundation has not been done correctly, or it has very little credibility in a very competitive growing market, it’s not going to grow the business to the level management may be telling people.

LGC will work with all the key management personnel and stakeholders to implement these three simple but necessary phases to bring new or poor performing companies' revenue on-track and in position for quarter-quarter (Q-Q), 7-15% linear growth. The first steps are to put the fundamentals foundation of the company in place quickly

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