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Accelerate Innovations with NVM Technologies for Growth, Efficiency and Market Leadership

With the continuing advancements in non-volatile memory (NVM), there will be an accelerated, dramatic
and disruptive shift in enterprise data centers over the next 3-5 years. The methods to address this
continual infinity of data storage growth will drive ‘systems’ innovations to move these NVM bits in
massive amounts with how the data centers are evolving. Developing storage capabilities to influence this
data center shift looms larger by the day with continual growth of infinite amounts of data, combined
with the limited supply of the advanced storage medium, flash bits (NAND, 3DXP).

As the applications begin to shift to web-scale methodologies, the opportunity to develop unique
products that can take advantage of 3D NAND (TLC, QLC) and Phase-Change Memory (3DX-Point) is very
promising. Technologies that can control the cost elasticity via demand pull by engaging the ecosystem
with solutions that drives platform preference for web-scale NVM workload unification will maximize huge
revenue opportunities with this transformation shift. With the clear understanding that enterprise data
centers are moving towards cloud storage, the manner in which storage is used, will dramatically change
in ways that will gain more storage capacity, at a 60 percent to 70 percent reduction in cost. 3D NAND
lithography’s capabilities in TLC going to QLC, with 3DXP, opens up the doors for an abundance of
opportunities to solve the cloud complexities, by driving the use of memory and flash as the primary
storage medium, as you cannot process edge decisions fast enough otherwise (especially with the
Internet of Things, IoT).

Unifying memory and storage workloads with simple control layers with machine learning techniques that
maximizes performance and scale with IA will produce system-level products that will separate the new
storage solutions from the traditional storage solutions. Cost leadership in QLC, coupled with
performance leadership with 3DXP, packaged cost-effectively with simple, thin-layered software
accelerants via machine learning that studies each data packet, analyzes it, then sends it to the right
storage medium will solve this almost unstoppable wave of growing data that is sweeping across all forms
of storage. These simple systems would plug into the cloud lower abstraction layer via applicationspecific
REST or SOAP API’s, that uses flash-optimized programming models like key-value stores that
dramatically reduces write amplication, while increasing performance and endurance.

It’s what the cloud data centers need and want. It’s low-cost, simple, fast, scalable, and manages millions
of NAND bits. For the data centers, it reduces the cost of the storage dramatically, yet produces much
higher data center efficiencies. Innovating at this level is what the data centers want and need to do to
grow more, simply by building intelligence into NVM to creatively produce low-cost storage solutions’
that addresses the infinity of cloud workloads. Unified workload NVM solutions that clearly addresses the
IA scaling concerns will start evolving that will develop a level of stickiness to platform preference that
cloud software applications will rely upon.

Certainly, this is an area that’s a shift from the norm, but companies that have the technology wherewithal
that can transition accurately to markets shift, will create more growth, revenue & jobs. This is not risky,
it’s a logical shift for the future of where enterprise data centers are going. With the limited supply of
NVM lithography’s, then new methods are needed to addressed the ever-increasing scale of the infinite
growth of data. The shift is real, the needs are there, NVM technology ingredients are ready for this
forthcoming and unprecedented data center shift. The race to best solve these massive enterprise data
center transitions is on…let the fun begin.

Steve Dalton

Steve Dalton is the founder, President & CEO of Linear Growth Consulting, LLC (LGC). LGC is composed of
extremely high qualified, experienced, industry-proven, high-tech executives and personnel with hundreds of manyears
of successful results with real-world understandings of how today’s companies need to be fast and nimble with
premier execution models that encourages creative entrepreneurial management necessary to compete in today’s
markets. To solve these very common executive management breakdowns, there is no better way to understand them
than by dealing with them in real time. The partners and consultants at LGC are industry, hands-on executives with
proven track records of driving and delivering disruptive solutions in Engineering, IT, Marketing, Sales,
Operations, and Customer Service infrastructures. We all exhibit strong leadership, sustained innovation, focused
execution, and a sound understanding of market requirements/shifts in defining technical strategy, building &
releasing products ground up, and working with the field to drive major customer wins. LGC strives for strong
communication skills to be adopted as this has shown to be one of the biggest reasons for a lack of management
deficiencies. Moreover, building the revenue is one of the toughest aspects of successful companies, and LGC has
all the experience, know-how, and methods to accomplish the toughest challenges that some companies may be
facing in this area. Since his ‘learn-by-doing’ undergraduate education at Cal Poly, Steve Dalton has been taking
this approach throughout his 30-plus years in the competitive, high-tech market of Silicon Valley. That is a skill
within itself and can be done only by having ‘done it yourself.’