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Business Model and Services

By taking the entrepreneurial phased approach, LGC provides all the necessary services that may be required as a complete package that will benefit startups, new business units, business model changes, struggling businesses, turnarounds or even companies that are performing well but could use some additional help to expand even further.

The business model and services are structured as hourly, weekly, or monthly, depending upon the needs of the respective company. After the initial free consultation, LGC will deliver a ‘recommended’ proposal of what they feel is necessary to linearly grow the company’s revenue, quarter to quarter, 7-15%. The following areas within each phase are clearing and crisply delivered to all the key stakeholders involved with the contractual process. Each phase can be done as an entire 3-phase package, a 1-phase only, or only a few items out of each phase.


Our Services are focused on developing the following 3 phases

1. Build Foundation – Company Infrastructure

  1. Corporate Vision & Mission Statement

  2. Value Proposition & Strategic Direction

  3. Product Branding, Positioning & Segmentation

  4. Product and Technology Roadmap Feasibility

  5. Engineering Infrastructure & Execution (Dev, QA, Solutions)

  6. Solutions Infrastructure (product use cases, solution-matrix’s, etc.)

  7. Product Release Structure (matrix-supported)

  8. Go-to-Market Infrastructure (mapping to domain-specific market segments)

  9. Operations & Manufacturing Model (mapped to specific technology)

  10. POP/POC Infrastructure

  11. Service & Support

  12. Professional Services (if necessary)

  13. Initial Financial Planning & Modeling (thorough business plan, typically 2-3 years out)

  14. Sales Model, Tools & Efficiencies (tied to GTM Infrastructure)

  15. P&L Modeling (tied to business plan)

  16. Training (Sales, Customer Support, etc.)

2. Establish Credibility – Market Acceptance

  1. Customer Interactions/Sales Pitch (30-3-30)

  2. Building Reference Customers (Customer Revenue Opportunity)

  3. Industry, Analysts Buy-In

  4. Alliances & Partnerships (they either help you or they don’t)

  5. Product Reliability w/Proven Use Cases, Testimonials

  6. P&L Controls (initial mapping of sales & GTM model against expense controls)

3. Grow Business – Ramp Revenue

  1. Shipments Report (daily accountability of bookings, shipments, and collections)

  2. P&L Management (2-3 quarter outlook with linear growth)

  3. Other necessary services, if needed (ie expanded local and global development, IP acquisitions, IP sourcing, ‘make vs buy’ for product direction, etc.)

The majority of the issues are typically in the initial phase. If just one of those areas is broken, becoming a credible company that is growing sales nicely, quarter-quarter, is not going to happen. Many mistakes, excuses, finger-pointing, etc. will be the norm over what is not working vs what needs to be done to make it work. Unfortunately, too many executives don’t know what it takes to fix it and keep going down the failed paths in place. The net results are horrendous.